Isuzu Batangas relaunches improved IOS dealership

From left to right: Arch. Rafael Tecson of RDB Tecson and Associates, contractor of the Isuzu Gencars IOS project; Giannina Eunice A. Cabangon, Isuzu Gencars Operations Executive; Lerma O. Nacnac, Isuzu Gencars President; Fumihiro Ishii, IGSC President; D. Edgard A. Cabangon, Isuzu Gencars Chairman and CEO; Rev. Fr. Bimbo Pantoja; Tetsuya Fujita, IPC President; Shojiro Sakoda, IPC Executive Vice President; Rino S. Guevara, Isuzu Batangas General Manager; Yasuhiko Oyama, IPC Vice President for Sales Division.

Isuzu Gencars, Inc., in partnership with Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), celebrated on October 18, 2023, the relaunching of Isuzu Batangas in Sto. Tomas, which was improved to conform with the brand’s design philosophy, the Isuzu Outlet Standard (IOS). With the dealership’s improvements, Isuzu Batangas is better equipped to provide the best customer service, ensuring an enhanced buyer journey.

The relaunch of Isuzu Batangas was attended by Isuzu Philippines Corporation and Isuzu Gencars executives. IPC President Tetsuya Fujita and Gencars Chairman and CEO D. Edgard A. Cabangon initiated the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Isuzu Batangas is Gencars’ second branch to formally adopt to the IOS, following the relaunch in 2022 of the company’s maiden branch, Isuzu Makati. The renovation revamped the exterior facade, showroom, sales office, service center, and the customer’s lounge in accordance with the IOS design. The facade of the dealership now displays a sleek black paint that complements the signature Isuzu red, which was previously the main color of dealerships. This black color palette extends inside the showroom, providing a modern atmosphere.

The ceremony began with a thanksgiving mass led by Rev. Fr. Bimbo Pantoja, who shared that he is an avid fan of Isuzu vehicles and has been a valued client of Isuzu Batangas for many years.

IPC President Tetsuya Fujita expressed his gratitude and congratulated Gencars executives and staff of Isuzu Batangas. “A leader of more than 45 years, Gencars has been providing the best sales and after-sales service to our customers in different areas here in Luzon, giving highest priority to the experience and satisfaction of customers, which is why—without a doubt—Gencars has gained thousands of loyal customers nationwide,” Fujita said.

Isuzu Gencars Chairman D. Edgard Cabangon thanked IPC for their continued support, and shared the plans of the Isuzu Gencars group in the coming years. “Our new expansive showroom and service center in our new location in San Pablo, Laguna, is set to open its doors very soon, and it, too, will exhibit the Isuzu Outlet Standard. A new showroom will also rise in Naga City next year. In addition to this, we are working on remodeling our other networks with the Isuzu Outlet Standard,” Cabangon said.

“We share a deep-rooted partnership with Isuzu Philippines Corporation, and it is our shared vision to enhance the journey of every individual who steps into our dealerships. With our newly-revamped and IOS compliant Isuzu Batangas, we are confident that our loyal patrons, as well as those who are visiting us for the first time, will marvel at the upgrades we have made, in addition to the outstanding products and services we offer,” Isuzu Gencars President Lerma O. Nacnac said during the ceremony.

Isuzu Gencars Operations Executive Giannina Eunice A. Cabangon, on the other hand, expressed the company’s excitement to welcoming valued clients, “We look forward to welcoming you, our valued clients to our redefined dealership, where quality, excellence, and customer satisfaction reign supreme,” she shared.

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