It’s our goal to provide high-quality parts to our customers that are tested to last longer and more affordable than other aftermarket brands. Hence, the development of Isuzu Select Parts (ISP).

ISP is designed to balance quality and cost-effectivity through quality check in its production process which outcomes to higher-quality parts than other aftermarket brands.

This product line is suitable for customers that have an Isuzu vehicle lapsing the warranty period but looking for parts that provide standard, affordable and lasting performance.


Hard Alloy in 1st ring groove

  • Prevent wear
  • Prevent output reduction

ISP uses hard alloy 1st Ring groove as same as genuine parts so that when the combustion takes place, it will prevent from getting worn by 1st Ring collide with ring groove.

Thick alloy

  • Prevent heat expansion

Alloy is used in bottom area of combustion chamber to control piston expansion.

  • Clearance between piston and cylinder liner will be maintained.
  • Control deterioration of fuel consumption.

Have appropriate casting process

  • Enough strength & durability of piston
Prevent from piston to get cracked by having appropriate casting process.


No Alloy in 1st ring groove

  • Wear in the early stage
  • Engine output reduce

Poor quality aftermarket brand does not have alloy to ring groove so when the combustion takes place, 1st ring collide with ring groove and wear will spread faster.

Thin Alloy

  • The wear increase around the outer surface of piston

Compare with ISP, alloy that is casted due to prevent heat expansion is 20% thinner.

  • Sliding resistance between cylinder liner will increase.
  • Engine output wull decrease and wear will increase.

Cast cavity appears

  • Increase the possibility of damaging piston
Many casting cavities appears so it is easy to get cracked.

ISP have high filtration strength due to thick filtration paper. This will prevent movement of the filter during filtration process, thus promotes more even flow.


  • Thick Filter Paper
  • High Filter Paper Strength


  • Reduce Filter Paper Area
  • Low Filter Paper Strength

ISP have seal in place which after market brand doesn’t. When there is no seal, fuelwill not filtrate properly and will inflow to the clean side. This mught due to failure of the fuel injector and/or fuel pump.

  • Seal
  • No seal

ISP have both coating and protector inside to prevent the cover from colliding against the spring. Poor quality after market brand reduces these two to minimize the cost, thus, increasing the possibility of rust formation and fuel leakage.

  • Inner coating
  • Protector
  • No inner coating
  • No irotector

There is adhesion rubber so the string and body of the belt does not get peeled off easily.

There is no adhesion rubber so the string and body of the belt get peeled off easily. This will lead to vehicle downtime due to belt breakage.

ISP hardly crack because the cord is thin and has great flexibility.

Poor qualityparts easily crack because cord is thick and space in between is large. This will lead to vehicle downtime due to belt breakage.

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