Isuzu Philippines Corporation 25th Inaugural Anniversary Celebration

Isuzu Gencars joined Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) in celebrating their 25th Inaugural Anniversary at The SMX Convention Center, July 21, 2022.

 IPC President Noboru Murakami thanked its shareholders, dealers and business partners who contributed to the success of IPC, “The main reason why IPC has attained these countless achievements throughout the years is because we have the unwavering support of each and every one of you.”, said President Murakami.
Following their tagline for this milestone, “Drive to Sustainability,” IPC shared their roadmap for the coming years which will focus on three key points – Environment, Social, and Governance – to ensure steady progression towards a sustainable future for Isuzu.
Isuzu Philippines also received congratulatory messages from representatives from shareholders, Mr. Koji Nakamura – Isuzu Motors Ltd. Executive Officer, Mr. Kyoya Kondo – Mitsubishi Corporation’s Division COO, Mr. Antonio “Toti” Zara III – AC Motors Automobile Group President and Mr. Johnny Fetalvero – House of Investment Senior Vice President and Car Business Operations Head.
Apart from celebrating the past 25 years of success, IPC also shared the company’s plans on adhering to the sustainable development goals through their new vision: Road To Progress, which is going to be the underlying motive of their business activities and goals moving forward.

According to the presentation of IPC President Murakami, the Road To Progress vision aims to realign IPC’s business process through a new perspective focusing on environment, social and governance aspect. One of the steps IPC takes in protecting the environment is shifting its energy source from coal power plant to renewable sources like solar power plant to decrease carbon emission of its manufacturing plant. IPC is also encouraging its dealers to follow its lead in switching to renewable energy in the next years, envisioning lower carbon footprint for the entire Isuzu dealer network.

Through IPC’s new vision, they take their tagline “Your Responsible Partner” to a new level. It goes beyond providing durable, fuel-efficient, and environment-friendly products to give the best transport and business solutions to Filipinos. Being a responsible partner is forging a new path to a more sustainable and greener future.

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